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File Number Description & Location Gross Sales Cash Flow Business Price Down Payment View
File Number#0479 Name/LocationMediterranean Carry OutOakland County Gross Sales$182,000 Cash FlowTBD Price$145,000 Down Payment$60,000 ViewView
File Number#0478 Name/LocationSmoke / Tobacco ShopSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$1,465,424 Cash Flow$101,151 Price$375,000 Down Payment$175,000 ViewView
File Number#0477 Name/LocationRolled Ice Cream & Bubble Tea ShopOakland County Gross Sales$225,000 Cash Flow$50,000+ Price$149,900 Down Payment$75,000 ViewView
File Number#0476 Name/LocationFranchise PizzeriaOakland County Gross Sales$500,000 (2023 Projections) Cash FlowTBD Price$190,000 Down Payment$85,000 ViewView
File Number#0475 Name/LocationFranchise Pizzeria / University Campus!Ottawa County Gross Sales$473,599 Cash FlowTBD Price$175,000 Down Payment$85,000 ViewView
File Number#0474 Name/LocationOffice Complex CafeteriaOakland County Gross Sales$700,000+ (2023 Projections) Cash FlowTBD Price$450,000 Down Payment$150,000 ViewView
File Number#0472 Name/LocationWomen's Clothing BoutiqueSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$120,000 Cash FlowTBD Price$34,900 Down PaymentCash ViewView
File Number#0473 Name/LocationCarry Out PizzeriaWestland Gross SalesAsset Sale Cash FlowTBD Price$69,000 Down Payment$40,000 ViewView
File Number#0471 Name/LocationSwimming Pool Supply StoreSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$865,440.46 Cash Flow$90,281.62 Price$249,900 Down PaymentCash/SBA/Bank Financing ViewView
File Number#0470 Name/LocationMeat Market / Only $49,900!Macomb County Gross Sales$240,000 Cash Flow$72,000 Price$49,900 Down PaymentCash ViewView
File Number#0469 Name/LocationFamily Diner / High Volume!Monroe County Gross Sales$3,000,000 Cash Flow$500,000+ Price$1,250,000 Down Payment$350,000 ViewView
File Number#0468 Name/LocationCosmetic Products DistributionHome Based Gross Sales$185,775 Cash Flow$107,870 Price$225,000 Down Payment$125,000 ViewView
File Number#0467 Name/LocationBakeryMacomb County Gross Sales$476,702 Cash FlowTBD Price$140,000 Down Payment$60,000 ViewView
File Number#0466 Name/LocationMobile Auto Detailing & Hand WashSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$241,005 Cash Flow$70,000 Price$295,000 Down Payment$150,000 ViewView
File Number#0465 Name/LocationFranchise Sub ShopOakland County Gross Sales$500,000 Cash Flow$100,000+ Price$165,000 Down Payment$80,000 ViewView
File Number#0464 Name/LocationFranchise Sub ShopOakland County Gross Sales$330,000 Cash Flow$100,000+ Price$145,000 Down Payment$70,000 ViewView
File Number#0461 Name/LocationBakeryMacomb County Gross SalesAsset Sale Cash FlowTBD Price$64,500 Down PaymentCash ViewView
File Number#0463 Name/LocationFranchise PizzeriaOakland County Gross Sales$700,000 Cash Flow$130,000+ Price$249,000 Down Payment$149,000 ViewView
File Number#0462 Name/LocationBubble Tea ShopMacomb County Gross Sales$410,000 (2022 Projections) Cash Flow$124,000 (2022 Projections) Price$179,000 Down Payment$90,000 ViewView
File Number#0460 Name/LocationHookah Shop / Only $17,500 plus Inventory!Macomb County Gross SalesAsset Sale Cash FlowTBD Price$17,500 Down PaymentCash ViewView
File Number#0457 Name/LocationPizzeria & Sandwich Shop / Carry OutSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$250,000 Cash FlowTBD Price$125,000 Down Payment$50,000 ViewView
File Number#0459 Name/LocationFranchise Fruit BouquetSuburban Wayne County Gross Sales$485,000 Cash Flow$90,000 Price$199,000 Down Payment$75,000 ViewView
File Number#0455 Name/LocationDry Cleaners w/ Shirt LaundryOakland County Gross Sales$168,000 Cash FlowTBD Price$90,000 Down Payment$40,000 ViewView
File Number#0456 Name/LocationPharmacy / High Volume!Wayne County Gross Sales$1,900,000 (2022 Projections) Cash Flow$500,000 (2022 Projections) Price$999,000 (Inc. Inventory) Down Payment$400,000 ViewView
File Number#0452 Name/LocationSporting Goods StoreOakland County Gross SalesAsset Sale Cash FlowTBD Price$149,900 (Bus & Inv) Down Payment$70,000 ViewView

Are you a small business owner or someone looking to expand your investment by buying an existing business? Then contact Armen Nazarian Business Brokers today for help!

Let’s face it — finding a good business for sale can be a challenge. You have to dig through hundreds of communications, simply to find a few potential targets that fit your criteria.

However, with a business broker like Armen Nazarian Business Brokers, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve done all the digging for you and provided sale listings to make your search as easy as possible. Plus, we’re willing to help you with the hectic process of buying businesses.

Benefits of Using Business Brokers

During this critical journey, it’s necessary to have the right team on your side. We have the expertise to help you and the ability to negotiate on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about any details and can focus on optimizing your cash flow.

We Know Various Businesses for Sale

Most small business owners are looking to expand their investments and achieve a consistent cash flow. However, potential business buyers find it difficult to find the right business that can cater to their needs.

With us, you can simply tell us your preference, and we’ll find the perfect match to move forward. Whether you prefer a profitable retail operation, a small business, or a business online, we can scout the ultimate business category for you by comparing each business’s assets, prices, etc.

We Find Businesses & Thoroughly Filter Them

We know your investment is valuable, which is why we take time to understand that your target has a proven business model — including its present and potential performance — so you get a fair deal. From financial statements to tangible assets and business assets, we carefully screen the business, so you can feel confident in your purchase. We can even help you find a business that offers owner financing deals.

We Ensure a Smooth Transaction

When getting into business-for-sale opportunities, it’s crucial to understand the process. From valuations to concerns about current employees, due diligence, and finding owner financing options, there’s a lot to weigh. However, our extensive industry knowledge and brokerage expertise ensure a safe, smooth transition — from finding the perfect business to closing the deal. We help protect your interests and assure you get a fair price that gives value to your hard-earned money.

We Help Secure Financing

When you’re looking to boost your investment or increase brand recognition, the financing process can be just as significant as the decision to acquire a business or franchise sell. As experts in our industry, we know this and will help you find a financial institution that will work best for your situation. You can secure SBA loans and use this to finance your purchase or your startup costs to immediately start your operation.

Buy a Business With Us

On behalf of sellers, we help prospective buyers find the perfect businesses to buy. Our business brokerage company is a services platform headquartered in Michigan. With decades of experience helping buyers and sellers, we help you find the best opportunities to own a business or commercial property throughout Michigan. Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you.

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